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Citizens Outreach Foundation is committed to supporting those in crisis on the streets through a variety of tailored programs. We provide essential supplies, rental assistance, nourishment, transportation solutions, and tools for job re-entry. Our initiatives also include special care for the elderly and harm reduction for I.V. drug users.


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At Citizens Outreach Foundation, we are dedicated to offering a lifeline to those facing hardships on the streets. Our diverse range of programs is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual we serve. From providing essentials like food, clothing, and toiletries, to more substantial support such as rental assistance and job re-entry tools like laptops and phones, we are committed to helping people rebuild their lives. Our efforts include nourishing those who are working but struggling, offering transportation solutions, and providing emergency shelter and detox assistance. Special initiatives like 'Reset' cater to the elderly, offering temporary hotel stays and essentials, while our 'Rescue' program focuses on harm reduction for I.V. drug users. Each program is designed with the goal of guiding individuals from crisis to stability, empowering them to lead productive and fulfilling lives

1. Essentials

This program provides essential goods to people living on the streets. Through this program we provide food, clothing, coats, sneakers and toiletries.

Who qualifies – Anyone living on the streets and people in the program who have recently gotten off of the streets.


2. Support

This program provides rental assistance to individuals in the program who have been working and can afford to pay at least 50% of the rent. As we are still a small nonprofit we have limited space in this program. The rental assistance is for a period of 6 months and can be reviewed for renewal if needed.

Who qualifies – To qualify for rental assistance the individual must be working. If there are any drug issues the individual must go to detox and rehab prior to being placed in a room.


3. Nourish

We will provide groceries for people in the program who are now indoors and working.

Who qualifies – Anyone in the program that has been placed in a room and is still struggling to make ends meet.


4. Transport

TCOF will provide monthly bus passes to people who are in the TCOF program are working and need to take public transportation to get to work.

Who qualifies – Anyone in the TCOF program that needs to take public transportation to get to work.


5. Reset

We periodically provide this program for elderly people living on the streets. We provide clean clothes, toiletries, 2 nights in a hotel and food for the entire stay.

Who qualifies – Elderly people living on the streets.


6. Re-entry

We provide a laptop and phone to help people re-enter society as they begin working and paying rent.

Who qualifies – Individuals that have taken the necessary steps to gain employment and housing will qualify for the lap top and phone.


7. Detox

This program provides a quick simple solution to get into treatment. With one phone call to TCOF, we will set up the bed in the detox, provide clean clothes, toiletries and a ride to the facility. We will then set up aftercare in a long term program if needed and agreed upon.

Who qualifies – Anyone who has hit bottom and is ready to get help.


8. Shelter

We provide tents to people living on the streets.

Who qualifies – Anyone living on the street.


9. Rescue

We distribute Narcan to I.V. drug users living on the streets

Who qualifies – All addicts living on the streets




Helping People in Crisis

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