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The Citizens Outreach Foundation

The Citizens Outreach Foundation is committed to working diligently to provide essential goods and services for people in crisis and living on the streets of Paterson, NJ.


People on the streets in Paterson, Nj


Opportunities to make a difference in someone's life


 Programs we offer to assist people living on our streets


Opportunity for you to be part of the solution

About The Citizens Outreach Foundation

The Citizens Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in need in Paterson, NJ. We work tirelessly to provide essential goods and services to those living on the streets and in crisis.


Our Vision

Our vision at Citizens Outreach Foundation Inc. is to be a beacon of hope and transformation for individuals facing crisis situations. We are committed to empowering each person we encounter with personalized support, tailored resources, and compassionate guidance. Our aim is to foster a journey towards self-sufficiency, enabling a transition into a healthier, stable, and more fulfilling future. We envision a community where every individual in crisis receives the unique assistance they need to overcome their challenges and embark on the road to living an empowered life.

How You Can Help

Your contribution to Citizens Outreach Foundation Inc. makes a profound impact, directly enabling us to provide personalized support and resources to those in crisis. Every donation helps us create customized plans for individuals in need, fostering their journey towards a stable and fulfilling life. By joining our mission, you become a vital part of a community effort to uplift and transform lives, one person at a time.

Programs & Services

We offer a number of programs at the The Citizens Outreach Foundation. Click here to read more.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who make The Citizens Outreach Foundation possible. Click here to learn more about our team.



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